Delfina - SF, Mission

Defina in San Francisco has been one of my favorite restaurants for a very long time and last night reminded me why. I had the MOST AMAZING dish of "Hay and Straw" Taglierini with English peas and an egg yolk - sounds odd but not to be missed.

For starters I believe the pasta is housemade which would account for it's tender texture. Secondly, they add some type of pork product similar to pancetta which I can't really complain about. THEN, the dish arrives with an egg yolk atop steaming hot pasta which they then add shavings of cheese, break the yolk and stir all together in front of you.

Now, normally I eat slowly and I like to think quite "lady-like". I was told last night the speed with which I consumed my food was not lady-like at all. I admit it, I pretty much went into forklift and shovel mode which was because the food was tasty and if I slowed down I would have had others at the table digging in (thus lowering my quantity to consume.) There was actually a strategy to this madness!

Oh, I should not forget the starter which was the Grilled Fresh Calamari with warm white bean salad. Tender, flavorful calamari and garlicky white beans with frisee. Yum.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the superior service at Delfina. The staff is knowledgeable about all things food and never hesitates to offer a recommendation when asked. I rarely hear them say the things I hate to hear:
  • "Those are two different dishes and so you can't really compare"
  • "All things here are good "
  • "I don't really have a favorite"

When asked, the server will promptly tell you why certain dishes are a customer favorite and how they are prepared. In addition they are super nice and friendly. In my book this, in addition to the food, makes Delfina a stand-out restaurant.

Hint: reservations at Delfina are tough to get. If you're willing to try for a seat at the bar (2 people) you can usually hang around and snag one. Trust me, the wait is well worth it!

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  1. I miss Delfina. The Hay and Straw Taglierini sounds AMAZING the way you write of the yolk breaking into the mixture with shaved cheese. I'm so far from Delfina I'm wondering if I can attempt this at home! Love the blog!