SushiSamba - Vegas Baby!

Fondue: coconut marshmallows, brownies, lemon pound cake and berries. What's not to like here?

Donuts with chocolate hazelnut dipping sauce - divine!

Sushi Samba
3327 las vegas blvd
Las vegas NV 89109

Fun atmosphere and good service. Overall, food was tasty but not over the top (my opinion only). Some hits: the tempura green beans (mainly due to the aoli) and the rosca (donuts – fried dough for goodness sake!)

Jennifer ordered the over-the-top Yamato tuna with foie gras and caviar. Oh, and did I mention it had gold leaf on it? As if foie gras and caviar are not decadent enough (although it did make for a superb presentation.)

Here is a run down of our food:

Tempura green beans with black truffle aoli

Miso marinated chilean sea bass
Coconut rice
Tempura shrimp
Yamato tuna, foie gras, osetra caviar, gold leaf sushi

Chocolate fondue (pineapple, berries, coconut marshmallows)
Rosca (homemade donuts) with hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce

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