Chillin' Out with a Green Chile Scramble - Joanie's Cafe, Palo Alto

Green chili scramble with (note!) crispy hash browns on the side
Joanie’s Cafe
447 S. California Street
Palo Alto CA 94306

Joanie’s Café is one of my favorites in old downtown Palo Alto (Calfornia street). I especially love breakfast on a Sunday because they have the farmer’s market going on so you can submit your name for a table and then roam around until it’s ready. It’s a multi-purpose day: you get breakfast and some flowers or food for your week which is perfect for us multi-tasking, food-loving, over-scheduled Bay Area people (or is it just me?)
  • Scramble with green chiles, cheese and salsa. This is my ultimate favorite (although I know it sounds weird). It’s comforting yet has the slight kick of the green (mild) chiles.   **10/02/12 update:  my favorite dish has been removed from the menu!**
  • Grilled chicken with roasted eggplant, avocado and aoli. Nice soup on the side (French onion?)
Expect a wait though – this place appears to be a favorite of many people in the Bay Area!

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