Hopper's Bar*B*Que - St. Charles IL

Hopper's Bar-b-que
40 W. 188 Campton Crossings Drive
St. Charles, IL 60175


A friend and I were recently in the the picturesque town of St. Charles IL to attend the wedding of a very good friend. While driving between the church ceremony and reception we made a slight turn off the road putting us smack in the middle of (dare I say it?) a strip mall parking lot. Ok, this was a NICE strip mall and it wasn't really a strip but rather a bunch of shops clustered in one area, but, I digress...

Opening the car door to get some fresh air I immediately picked up the wonderful aroma of bar-b-que coming out of a place called Hoppers BBQ. I couldn't help but chuckle at the sign advertising the fare awaiting inside: 'em-r good! Well, now, that was something which definitely needed to be sized up.

The interior: bar in front and lots of space for what is probably a large Friday happy hour crowd. At least it should be based on the food we sampled in that short amount of time. Frankly I had just about the best coleslaw ever at Hoppers! The slaw seemed to contain the right proportion of mayo to cabbage plus a nice healthy dose of vinegar making it fresh, tangy and the perfect side for the pulled pork sandwich my companion ordered. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the sweet potato fries gracing that plate. Beautiful color and snappy crisp. Nice trio overall.

I ordered the more basic BLT ("eating light today" I told the waitress) with a side of tater tots. In an effort to save room for the reception (sorry Beth if you are reading this) I only ate about 1/2 the tots. Tots are one of those things you don't see often but in my book you gotta order when you see 'em.

Well, we never figured out what "em-r good" referred to although I suspect it was much of what we ate at Hoppers (and the food at the wedding reception of course!) A few chicken/macarena/hokey pokey (yes!) dances later we were on a plane back to the Bay Area.

Now if only someone would give me that recipe for the slaw I would be set....

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