Super Subs and Sandwiches at Freshly Baked, San Jose CA

Freshly Baked Eatery
152 N 3rd St # 101
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 298-9370

"Can a sandwich really be worth the drive?" my mother asked on the 1/2 hour drive from the Penninsula to San Jose a few months ago. I reminded her it was a nice day and really it was either that or the hot dogs at Costco (perhaps a reason she keeps her visits from Seattle quite short!)

We entered the deli to find a decent line (for a Saturday) and placed our order. I warned her that this was going to be the best darned sandwich to which she reminded me "I can't eat that much anymore since I'm getting old". Fine. I ordered one 12" turkey sandwich to split (with everything on it) and settled in to enjoy my half.

Wouldn't you know it, my petite mother dug in and quickly realized this WAS one of the best darned sandwiches she'd eaten. Not sure if it was the fresh, semi-crunchy sourdough bread on the outside, the very tender, very flavorful turkey inside or perhaps the shredded lettuce nestled alongside a good proportion of mustard and mayo (I know there are mayo-haters out there, but just bear with me here.) Whatever the case, our plates were clean lickety-split with even the pickle disappearing from sight in no time at all.

Today, I had an hour open up on my schedule and so I corralled a few people at work into joining me on my trip to Freshly Baked. This time the drive was shorter but the results still the same: best darned sandwich served fast, fresh and at a really good price. Freshly Baked is one of the few places that can make me giddy about a basic sandwich served on a thin (maybe not environmentally friendly) styrofoam plate and just a pickle wedge on the side. Yum.

Although my mother might feel like she's getting old she's learned a few new lessons when visiting Freshly Baked; you must have cash on hand and that you'll regret sharing!

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