Angele - Napa

Angele - Napa
540 Main St
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 252-8115

Why does it feel like everything looks nicer, tastes better and smells fresher in the wine country? Is there a secret spell cast once you make your way into the area where suddenly food takes on a new vibrancy and you think even a basic french fry is a gastronomic experience? Maybe it's just me.

When we landed at a place named Angele I pondered the above questions. For starters, the dining area outside is pleasant in that oh-so-Napa comfortable style all set underneath a peppy awning and complete with a light breeze filtering past.

Now let's talk about the food. Because I was running late (yes, it's lame to get to a birthday party wine event late) I didn't have much time to reflect on what I had pre-ordered via a friend. However, before I could even take the picture my fork was piercing the flaky tender crust of the chicken pot pie. Once I realized "it's HOT" and burned my tongue, I put my fork down and realized I needed to take a picture. Duh. Oh, and delicious.

I had also heard that the croque monsieur was outstanding. Too bad that was devoured before I arrived at the table (thanks for saving a bite birthday boy!)

For desserts, again in that wine country style of "pleasant to look at and quite delectable" were the items below (see pics). These I took a moment to savor before launching a fork and inhaling the treats.

With plates clean and stomachs sated, we moved onto the next stop: Frog's Leap winery.

Classic chicken pot pie and greens on the side
Chocolate bread pudding with creme anglaise, hazelnut brittle

Roasted apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Banana gratin, almond crust and vanilla ice cream

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  1. I wish there was a reaction I could check that read, "YUM!!!" Banana Gratin? YUM! I wish I could try it.