Reposado - Palo Alto CA

236 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto CA
(650) 833-3151

Reposado is always a good choice for good bites and a festive atmosphere.   The menu selections are interesting enough but not so over-the-top trendy (which for Mexican places always seems to teeter between good and avoidable) where you question the fusion of the food.

I usually start my visit with the chips and trio of salsas ($3) which are nicely presented with the tasty guacamole. Some reviews mention bland guacamole but I think the flavor is fine; uncomplicated yet tasty and a good match for the salsas (some which were rather spicy.)

During my last visit I tried a corn dish (something like a “creamed corn”) with green chiles. The corn seemed fresh (crunchy) and the sweetness was well-balanced by the green chiles. As for my entrĂ©e, I selected the trio of Carne Asada tacos which were well-priced and delicious.

Finally, it’s worth noting the service is usually hands-down stellar.   A bonus that shouldn't go un-mentioned.

The people who own Reposado also own the Penninsula Creamery which is another of my long time favorites (they have great comfort food in a diner-like setting.) Personally I am happy to see a new place open up and look forward to trying many of the other dishes on the menu although knowing my habits I’ll be back for the Carne Asada tacos!

Get the trio of chips! It's $3 well spent!
Carne Asada tacos, the small plate is the perfect size for snacking.

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