Sancho's in Redwood City

A bargain bite (per the SF Chronicle - 2008) and tasty food. I couldn't have said it better myself although I'll make a lame attempt below.

Try my favorite the "burrito supreme, no meat" (essentially a burrito with beans and all the fixin's) and try not to think about all the calories (my hunch is it's a gut-buster.) Instead, you'll marvel at how you lived so long and not had this slice of burrito-heaven. I know I did. And now it's hard for me to even think about eating burritos anyplace else.

Other mentionables: fish tacos (fried or grilled) are delish. The prawn tacos...I liked but the tortilla was flour (I prefer corn) and seemed to get a bit mushy with all the salsa. As for the salsa bar: LOVE it. Salsa verde, salsa mild and salsa HOT - a great way to top off your meal and send your tastebuds zinging...

Don't believe my reco?

One final note: cash only. Thank goodness a store is located right beside Sancho's in case you've left your wallet someplace...

3205 Oak Knoll Dr
Redwood City, CA 94062
(650) 364-8226

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