I Love Pho in Factoria (Bellevue, WA)

I love pho
3900 Factoria Blvd. SE
Suite C
Bellevue WA 98006

On the flight from San Jose to Bellevue I spent a good deal of time discussing my favorite topic: food. Turns out my fellow seatmate was a bit of a foodie too. We discussed restaurants in San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle. We talked about Gary Danko, Michael Mina and the French Laundry (neither of us had been.) We also talked about simple foods we like; things like macaroni and cheese (me) and Pho (him).

As I made my way to my destination and thought about lunch, my thoughts turned to, of course, Pho. It was like my brian was suddenly pre-programmed to head in the direction of the nearest establishment serving Pho. Who was I to resist?

With some dismay I realized the area my mother lives in is thick with fast food chains and light on Asian foods. However, I remembered a small Vietnamese place tucked away and thought I'd give it a try. I Love Pho is a pretty good name and although speaks to the food itself (and not the restaurant) is what I said at the end of the meal.

Food was fresh, tasty and served fast (which could qualify it as fast food). The restaurant itself has a well balanced ambiance and is comfortable yet clean. I have to give this place high remarks and hope to visit again soon.

Pho Ga (white meat chicken)

Springrollswith peanut sauce

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