Iluna Basque, San Francisco CA

Iluna Basque
701 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94133-2720
(415) 402-0011

After a day of adventure in the Bay Area (oysters at Hog Island and a stop in the wine country) we stopped at Iluna Basque (San Francisco) before heading home. The ambiance is warm and welcoming as is the service.

Oh, and the food. We enjoyed a few small plates and shared one large entrée which was about right, although two small plates would have sufficed. Our selections varied from meaty and hearty to spicy and more traditional. All were delicious and well executed.

* Roasted bell pepper, mushrooms and manchego – earthy, piquant and perfectly melted manchego on top. A wonderful combination to kick start the meal.
* Baby shrimp and potato croquettes with aoli sauce
* Steak bavette, free range beef
* Country style pate with champagne and black pepper

Iluna Basque is a nice place to fill up and warm up before heading down the street to check out the scene (North Beach, Italian). One final note: the sangria was heavenly!

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