Paradiso Deli, Now Palermo, in San Jose California

791 Auzerais Ave
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 295-6459

Paradiso Deli is pure delight; from the food to the staff and funky interior. It's like dining at your grandma's house without the crocheted sofa covers (ok, was that just mine? And not like it's a bad thing!)

Anyway, I ordered the ravioli (homemade) which came along with a gigantic, delicious meatball and salad for $8.99 - a steal in my book! I think what really made the ravioli "sing" was the marinara the meatball was bathing in and which tasted like a long-simmered, perfectly spiced sauce.

My dining companions ordered the roast beef sandwich (pictured) and the lasagne. Both said the food was good and my co-worker raved about "what a cool place" Paradiso was.

In a world of seemingly "same" restaurants out there it's nice to run across a gem like this. You can't help but like the staff, and you will definitely love the food.

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