Fried Chicken and Waffles at Brown Sugar Kitchen

The wait to secure a table at the Brown Sugar Cafe in Oakland CA was long. A little too long for our party of four. But I couldn't help but think "it must be worth the wait". Right before our patience wore out (it was almost an hour!) we shuffled off to a table and a great brunch soon followed.

Apparently the Brown Sugar Cafe is known for beignets and the waffles. We tried both. The waffles are light in texture and seem as though they are fried in butter. As if that's not enough, you can order the waffles served alongside fried chicken. All this crispy goodness is a great warm-up to the finale: the beignets.

While I liked the beignets, they seemed a little dough-ier than I would have imagined. It didn't stop me from eating them but if I could have snagged another waffle that would have been my dessert of choice!

The buttermilk biscuits were divine!

Brown Sugar Kitchen
2534 Mandela Parkway
Oakland CA 94607
510.839.SOUL (love this!)

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