The Grand Cafe - San Francisco

We dined at the Grand Cafe during the month-long "Dine about Town" event in San Francisco (January). The premise is a fixed price, three course meal for under $35 which encourages patrons to try restaurants they haven't frequented before.

I have actually dined at the Grand Cafe previously and had forgotten what a great experience it is. For starters, the setting truly is GRAND. Big room, big features (lights, plants) and the feeling that you're about to embark on a rich adventure.

Now, for the food. What we ordered:
  • Frisee salad - a soft poached egg on top plus pancetta and a wonderful vinagrette. A stunner.
  • Tomato soup - nicely spiced and a good starter. But honestly, I really wanted the frisee salad ordered by my friend!
  • Beef short ribs - meltingly tender in a well-seasoned gravy (or sauce?) The thing we noted here was that the ribs were not greasy. Probably because they were braised and slow roasted, steps I think some restaurants skip..
  • Banana cream tart. Need I say more? The bananas were bruleed which added to their luster.

Overall, the service was attentive but not obnoxious, the food divine and the setting surreal. If you seek a restaurant for a memorable event (birthday, anniversary or guests in town) this is a top pick (for me anyway). Kudos to the chef and staff!

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