Blue Sky Cafe - Belmont CA

Mongolian beef, sauteed green beans and basil tofu. Yum!

Blue Sky Cafe
1625 El Camino Real #9
Belmont CA 94002

I've driven the stretch on El Camino about a zillion times without seeing the Blue Sky Cafe. That's because you REALLY have to pay attention and quickly pull into the strip of businesses / stores before the car behind you drives over you.

If you stop, I think you'll be happy you did. The place has a menu that stretches for miles, but if you want variety and good food at value prices (yes, my favorite) then give it a try. With the 3/$19.95 menu, you can't go wrong!

Here's an example of just a few items on the 3/$19.95 list:

  • Eggplant with spicy garlic sauce
  • Sauteed prawns with greens
  • Mongolian beef (not in a soy saucy type sauce - don't expect what you'd expect from say...PF Changs)
  • Basil tofu (delish - if you like tofu)
  • Cashew chicken
  • Basil chicken
  • Broccoli beef

Blue Sky Cafe receives "many stars" from me! Enjoy.

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