Pink Pearl Apple

On the way back from a camping trip on the Russian River (Northern California) I spied a small apple stand tucked by the side of the road. Once stopped I found the apples to be yellowish in peel and slightly blemished. I selected three and was disgruntled to learn the price: $3. For 3 apples.

The person selling the apples explained that these were not ordinary apples but rather a variety called "pink pearl" because of the rose colored fruit inside the peel. I was somewhat impressed but still wondered how these would taste.

When I got home I decided to make an apple cobbler and add the three pink pearls. One thing I notice right away was the deep and intense aroma when I cut into the apples. Then I saw the color which was stunning when peeled (would be terrific in a salad.) And even when these beauties emerged from a hot oven they maintained the same deep rose color which only added to the "oohs and ahhs" upon presentation of the final dish.

Now, of course I wish I had purchased many more of the pink pearls. Next year I plan to be on the lookout but if you see them please let me know where!

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