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Commonwealth, San Francisco

The website proclaims Commonwealth is a "progressive American restaurant in San Francisco".  But what would a progressive American restaurant serve?  New versions of pot roast?  Short ribs or mac n' cheese?  All good, all favorites but the food definitely goes in a much different and more interesting direction.

A good sign is the service; efficient, warm and knowledgeable about the food.   I love it when I ask "what's your favorite?" and the person shoots back the what and why they love a particular dish.  We followed the recommendations with success:

  • Porcini churros with thyme and huckleberry jam. Lightly fried and paired well with the jam.
  • Asian pear, chicories, pomegranate, cured ham, idiazabal cheese and long pepper.  The cheese had the sharp flavor of cheddar but the texture of a fine, pricey burrata.  Wow.
  • Kabocha pumpkin, black kale, yuba, sprouting broccoli, coconut milk and peanut.  Don't miss this one - the flavors really work!
  • Squid and pork belly, jidori egg salad, potato croutons, herb vinaigrette.  Another winner.
  • Grilled lamb cheeks, chanterelles, cauliflower, almond crumble and douglas fir. 
Undoubtedly the combinations are a bit overwhelming because it's hard to tell exactly what the final dish will look/taste like.  If you are open to suggestions and being surprised by the menu, this is a fun and inspiring place to dine.  Oh, I almost forgot about dessert!

  • Yuzu curd, olive oil cake, huckleberries, pinenut brittle, creme fraiche ice cream.  With the exception of the olive oil cake (this isn't a favorite of mine in general although I like the concept) this is a light and refreshing dessert.  Especially notable was the yuzu curd (that elusive citrusy flavor from Japan!)
  • Cinnamon mille-feuille, cardamom, marshmallow, chocolate ganache, burnt honey ice cream.  This is a winner (but I love anything with marshmallow).
I hear reservations are scarce so I'm glad I was able to tag along with the "haves" here! 

2224 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

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