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Winchester Chef - San Jose CA

My favorite time of the work day:  lunch!  I stepped out with a co-worker and put my stomach in her hands (not literally of course) and ended up at the Winchester Chef. 

Because some of the items we ordered were listed in Chinese, my friend ordered for us and the results were delicious.  Our selections included:
  • Chicken and mushrooms over rice, wrapped in a bamboo leaf and steamed to lock in all the flavors.
  • Beef noodle soup (ask for the version with the thick noodles and bok choy).  Tender beef and chewy noodles make for a good, savory combination.
  • Szechuan eggplant - fried tender eggplant in a spicy, garlicky sauce.  Not a good thing to eat before a lengthy meeting in a cramped room with lots of people but WELL worth it to me!
The food was impressive given the average price point of each dish but I was also impressed by the care projected by the personnel.  When I commented on the flavors of the eggplant the server beamed and mentioned how it was a "special recipe".  In turn I couldn't help but beam back and then start thinking about my return visit.

Winchester Chef
1362 S. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA  95128

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