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Pepolino - Manhattan

On my flight to New York I had visions of the restaurants I'd try along with a little shopping on the side.  I misjudged the amount of time I'd spend in meetings (it was a business trip after all) and had to decide between food or trendy clothes.  This wasn't a hard decision!

Because the flight was slightly delayed, my luggage took eons to show up on the carousel and the taxi line seemed to stretch to forever I didn't want to think about where to eat.  Thank goodness the concierge at the Soho Grand was pretty direct about her recommendation, Pepolino down the street.  She was spot on.

The first night I ordered the insalata de medici- red beets with mixed greens, orange zest, pine nuts in a gorgonzola dressing.  Tang, zing and thinly sliced beets made this dish soar.  Next up, the fairly basic - but still delicious - housemade ravioli in tomato sauce.  Now, while the starter and main were winners it was the dessert that topped the meal.  A creamy but light ricotta cheesecake arrived and minutes later was consumed by me.  I literally skipped all the way home!

I liked my dinner so much the first night I had to return "just to make sure" the food was that good.  It was.  Second night I ordered the spinach souffle which was surrounded by two sauces; a tomato coulis and a parmesan and butter sauce. Next up, the tagliatelle with porcini and parmesan in an olive oil and pasta water sauce.  The waiter was adament about the lack of butter and he was right; a creamy dish without the heft of too much butter.

Overall, there wasn't just one thing that made my dinner at Pepolino enjoyable.  There were many things like the friendly waitstaff, the cozy ambiance and the food which was less than ordinary in the world of Italian restaurants.  Their creativity won me over and the food brought me back (a second time!)   Grazie!

281 West Broadway
New York, NY  10013

The beet starter!

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