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Momofuku ssam bar in NYC - the steamed pork belly buns really are THAT good!

Ssam Bar
207 2nd Avenue
NYC 10003

“We’ll never get in” was my optimistic response to the long line of people waiting for a seat in this small venue. Grumble grumble plus a few minutes and poof – we were seated at the bar!

So I’ll admit we ordered many delicious concoctions here but my favorite was the steamed pork belly buns. Decadent, fatty and rich but also exploding with flavor it’s no wonder Momofuku is famous for this amazing dish. A sampling of other items:

• Bread & butter – sea salt butter, whipped lardo (I was fascinated by the lardo, don't know why!!!)
• American Wagyu tataki – sweet potato, radish, yuzu
• Baised oxtail dumplings – turnip, Satsuma, shia kombu (BF's favorite)
• Roasted duck – pate, chana dal, date

I must note there were whole sections of the menu which were left untouched and will await a future visit to NYC and Momofuku.

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