Cotogna - San Francisco

490 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco CA 94133

Cotogna is a new hot spot specializing in Italian fare. What I liked about this restaurant – other than the food – the atmosphere. Homey, warm and not too loud (a component of restaurants that seems off the chart these days to me!) What I liked less: the waiter who seemed annoyed when I opted for “no white wine because I prefer red”.

Because there were so many interesting things on the menu, we decided not to hold back:
• Roasted squid – smoky and tender
• Warm ricotta with artichokes and salt roasted onions – a “must order” dish served atop crunchy bread
• Raviolo –consists of one large housemade ravioli with a semi cooked egg inside. Pierce the outer to hit the ooey, gooey inner for the rich, luscious sauce which ensues. A bit extravagant (I believe the one ravioli was about $16) but your taste buds will definitely thank you.
• Roasted pork. Cotogna is known for slow roasted meats, perfectly cooked. I felt our dish was succulent and cooked perfectly.

My dining companion felt the pork was a bit too ordinary but frankly I think some of the best dishes are simple but well done. The visit to Cotogna seemed to prove out my food theory.

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