Geraldine’s, Shanghai and MOD Pizza in Seattle / Bellevue

Seattle is well-known for coffee but should also be praised for interesting food trends and tastes in my opinion. I live in the Bay Area which has a plethora of fine food, but when headed to Seattle I put my adventurous spirit in high gear and get ready for gastronomic bliss.

Geraldine’s Counter
4872 Rainier Ave, Seattle

From the airport we weren’t exactly sure where to go or what we were in the mood for. After a few minutes of indecision we hopped off the freeway and onto the south end of Rainier Avenue. Driving north – midway between Renton and Seattle – we paused in Columbia City where we noticed a packed place called Geraldine’s Counter. We stopped and added our name to the long and growing list waiting for a seat.

Geraldine’s is hoppin’ with good coffee and Americana-style comfort food. The French toast was crispy (fried?) and topped with a sweet blueberry compote and Geraldine’s breakfast casserole a combination of hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, cheese and spicy salsa. Note: I’d suggest splitting the casserole as it’s a very generous and filling portion for two.

This small stretch of Rainier Avenue is what I love most about Seattle: vibrant hot spots which sprout up and nurture the neighborhood spirit – and appetites – along the way.  Other noteables near Geraldine’s:

• Lottie’s Lounge
• Columbia City Bakery
• Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizza
• Bob’s Meats
• KC’s Flowers

MOD Pizza (now has 5 locations!)
317 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Made-On-Demand Pizza oozes with good pies (all priced at $6.88 each – despite the number of toppings you choose) and an uber hip NW vibe. Industrial chic décor, a big pizza oven and that good ole Northwest version of cool make this the place – and trend – to watch (my opinion only.) The best part? The large tower of ding dongs (yes, the retro foil-wrapped cakes with white creamy center) at the end of the counter. I LOVE this place and want to see it in California!!!

Shanghai Café
12708 Southeast 38th Street, Bellevue, WA 98006

It seemed like a tall order: Shanghai-style dumplings on Christmas Eve without a long drive. A quick online search led us to the highly-rated Shanghai (Factoria) and house-made dumplings served with soy + vinegar dipping sauce, garlicky green beans and honey walnut prawns. The one item we skipped but plan to order next time is the house hand-shaved noodles (green barley) which many raved about. Another trip, another visit to Shanghai Café!

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