Amazing Aatxe, San Francisco

Located on Market street in the Castro, this eatery has a name that's hard to spell and food that's hard to resist.  And like any hot spot in San Francisco, reservations are precious and not easy to come by. Luckily for me I was able to tag along with a friend who snagged a table and the dishes - and ambiance - did not disappoint.

My favorite, hands down was the halibut crudo with pimenton, peach and black olive oil.  This dish represents the perfect blend of cool spice, fresh flavor and colorful artistry.  I'd return to Aatxe for this alone.

Halibut crudo with toasted pumpkin seeds, peaches & chilies.

Of course we didn't stop at the crudo!  Rounding out the lineup: rich smoked salmon deviled egg, chanterelle croqueta, tomato and cucumber salad, patatas brava and pork bocadillo (pork belly - yum). The food is clearly the star and the impressive cocktail list - with gin taking center stage - supports the entire cast.

Currently one of the hottest new places, Aatxe is worth the effort and a must for any fine foodie.  In the event you don't have the patience to wait or secure a reservation, try Hecho which is located up the street.   They serve a mean melted cheese appetizer that's simply divine.  Either way you can't go wrong!

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