Eat Ethiopian at Cafe Colucci - Oakland CA

Looking for a new food experience with lots of flavor and the fun of eating with your hands?  Check out the popular Cafe Colucci in Oakland CA but take lots of friends because this experience is as tasty as it is social.

We ordered a few meat and a vegetarian combos but could have gotten by with just one of each. Our table of six was overloaded with food - no complaints from this eater - but we took a lot home!

For me this is a favorite experience because of the food, the scent of exotic spices in the air and the social vibe caused by the shared dishes. Overall, everything is fantastic, even the casual, relaxed ambiance.

The meat combo at Cafe Colucci in Berkeley CA
Cafe Colucci
6427 Telegraph Ave
Oakland CA 94609

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  1. Hey, I like your post. Cafe Colucci, Fetlewerk Tefferi's long-term apparatus on the Berkeley-Oakland outskirt, with a stylistic layout that makes you have an inclination that you're eating in a tent. The kitfo sparkles pretty much as hard as it generally did.
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