Umami Burger Palo Alto CA

I have a new obsession with burgers and I blame the folks at Umami burger.  It's not enough to serve up truffle fries but a truffle burger too? 

As a I was ordering truffle fries and truffle burger I pondered whether that was too much truffle. Noooo.  It was perfect and the burger was cooked to perfection.

The only thing I didn't love was the setting amidst stacks of books and yes, I get it - we were near the University.  For some reason I don't equate a library with yummy food.  I guess if I really think about it the ambiance is quite the opposite of a library: noisy, organized chaos.

Delicious food amid the book stacks.

With a reasonably priced menu, we walked out at just under $20 per person with tip and tax.  While a bit more in terms of cost than a bundled meal at In-N-Out, the experience and flavor made up for the difference in price.   

Finally, I almost forgot to mention the bevvy of sauces (ketchup, garlic and a few others) served alongside the burgers and fries.  A small, but classy addition to the meal.  

Umami Burger
452 University Ave
Palo Alto CA  94301

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