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Chez Papa - San Francisco California

Chez Papa
1401 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-2801
(415) 824-8205

Chez Papa is a warm, welcoming neighborhood restaurant with good food and good service. What's notable about this restaurant is that the food delivered is different (in taste and presentation) than what you'd normally expect from a French place.

For example, a friend ordered the French onion soup which arrived as a large bowl with the main ingredients (onions and soup "innards") in the middle. The server then poured the soup base around for an amazing presentation (I like the hoo-haa of it all!) and a grinning recipient. Oh, and rather than the traditional beefy stock, this had a more creamy appearance all of which disappeared rather quickly (too quickly for me to position my spoon for a big bite!)

Other delectables: the pomme frites and aoli, beans with garlic and basic filet mignon. The person who ordered the filet said "it's a filet, how can anyone screw that up?" to which I raised an eyebrow. My dish, the gnocchi with wild mushrooms and brussels sprouts in a creamy gorgonzola was good, but the cheese was a little overpowering. Of course, this didn't prevent me from clearing my plate!

All in all, I really enjoyed this restaurant. The final dishes surprised in both taste and creativity which is probably my main reason for going back again in the future. Reservations however, are a big MUST as this place was packed on a weekday night.