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Hot feet and a warm soul in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California

It started around January... a recurring vision of sandy beach and fiery sun to warm my soul...  and didn't ease up until I was poolside with a plate of  fish tacos and a generous helping of smooth guacamole.  Cabo has become the stuff of my dreams and the place I think of first when I want to unwind and unplug. 

Last year I travelled to Cabo and stayed at the Hilton which is very plush and a great way to touch down for a few days of doing nothing (which is quite pleasant I must admit!)  This year it was the same but after a few days we changed hotels (Casa Natalia, boutique hotel) and locations (San Jose del Cabo) for a walkable experience via newly cobblestoned streets and updated core.

Fun, funky art adds beauty and character to Casa Natalia
Great for relaxing poolside

I loved Casa Natalia with its ultra chic setting and simple but comfortable rooms.  The hotel is right on the plaza so you can go out for a coffee at the French Riviera (great pastries) and then check out Casa Dahlia (art, light food) or Mi Casa Azul (nice collection of items for you or your home.)  Casa Natalia (whew, seems like everything here starts or ends with a "casa") also offers breakfast delivered to your room for dining al fresco. A great way to start the day!
Fresh fruit for our daily desayuno...breakfast!

One thing I will say is this:  Casa Natalia offers natural cooling with ceiling fans and open windows which isn't for everyone but was fine with us.   If you are looking for air-conditioned bliss, a larger hotel is probably a better fit.  However, the location and amenities overrule the lack of A/C in my opinion (unless of course it's the middle of summer when it's blistering hot.)

 Next up:  the food and fun of Cabo.  Don't miss the next post coming your way soon!

Boulevard Mijares N. 4
San Jose del Cabo
Baja California Sur 23400, Mexico
Mi Casa Azul Studio
Casa Dahlia

French Riveria

Pink Pearl Apple

On the way back from a camping trip on the Russian River (Northern California) I spied a small apple stand tucked by the side of the road. Once stopped I found the apples to be yellowish in peel and slightly blemished. I selected three and was disgruntled to learn the price: $3. For 3 apples.

The person selling the apples explained that these were not ordinary apples but rather a variety called "pink pearl" because of the rose colored fruit inside the peel. I was somewhat impressed but still wondered how these would taste.

When I got home I decided to make an apple cobbler and add the three pink pearls. One thing I notice right away was the deep and intense aroma when I cut into the apples. Then I saw the color which was stunning when peeled (would be terrific in a salad.) And even when these beauties emerged from a hot oven they maintained the same deep rose color which only added to the "oohs and ahhs" upon presentation of the final dish.

Now, of course I wish I had purchased many more of the pink pearls. Next year I plan to be on the lookout but if you see them please let me know where!