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Cucina Toscana, Ginza and Vosens - Salt Lake City "Finds"

This is a city that understands food. I must say that while in the area I didn't have a single bad food experience - and it's great to see new places popping up in the downtown area. Can't wait to return and try the Neopolitan pizza place around the corner from Cucina Toscana (which is FAB!)

Cucina Toscana
307 West Pierpont Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT

Cucina Toscana was a pure delight – from the food and atmosphere to the staff, especially the owner, Valter Nassi who routinely walked the place to welcome guests. He did this both nights I dined (yes, I went back the second night!) and it was a nice touch you don’t see often in restaurants.

What’s great about Cucina Toscana is that the restaurant seems to focus on fresh and flavorful, ensuring that every bite (including the dipping oil for the bread) is memorable. I ordered the Ravioli Quattro Formaggi which was spinach and cheese ravioli in a tender, probably homemade pasta with a decadent and smooth cream sauce. It was probably one of the best renditions of this dish I have tried in years.

My dining companions ordered the pasta sampler (gnocchi with arrabiata and a ravioli with browned butter sauce) and a frute di mare with fresh seafood and again, great flavor. Starters included a very interesting fruit and cheese plate (plums, dates?) and provolone cheese in a simple syrup. Refreshing and unusual.

We finished off our meal with sorbet and tiramisu, both which held up to the usual standard. As we tipped back the last of our wine we reflected enthusiastically on a great Italian meal and a place to return during our next visit.

Vosens Bread Paradise
249 W. 200 S.
Salt Lake City UT 84020

If you don’t pay attention you’ll miss it, the tall building with the yellow sign reading Vosen’s outside. It’s a building that almost appears to be deserted until you get close and see the pastries inside.

The pastries in the case are anything but ordinary, in fact they are all about the size of a small dinner plate and bear names like “vanilla crème custard”. Flaky and sweet, these are the perfect reward for say…breathing or being nice to the neighbor’s dog and they also make a nice breakfast treat.

Lining the shelves inside the bakery are all kinds of German goods from curry ketchup (my friend claims this is “da bomb”) jams, candies and other items like dried spaetzle. Although the pickled items seemed interesting, I couldn’t take my eyes off all the pastries and wanted to buy one of everything. Knowing my luggage space was tight and security a pain in the neck with “unknown items” I grabbed my vanilla crème custard and headed out the door, all the while lamenting my short time in Salt Lake City.

209 W. 200 S.
Salt Lake City, UT

Solid food in a nice setting. The location was right down the street from the Hotel Monaco and a stop-off when returning from the mall. Service was pleasant and prices were good!