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Pican, Fine Southern Food in Oakland CA

Pican is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants despite the short drive from home.  It's not just because of the food (which the kitchen consistently delivers) but also because the sophisticated, comfortable decor and knowledgeable waitstaff make you feel right at home.   In short, everything works in concert to create a dining experience you want to take part in again immediately.

As for what to order, don't skip the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese combination.  The fried chicken sports a perfectly seasoned crunchy exterior while the mac and cheese is luscious and creamy when you poke through to the interior.  A "can't miss combination" that leaves me satisfied but a little sad when the bottom of the cast iron skillet signals the end to the mac and cheese.

The fried chicken and mac and cheese.  Whoa!
We also indulged in the fried green tomatoes to get started and were happy with the choice.  The tomatoes were light, crisp and accompanied by a creamy burrata and salad.   

 While we did not partake in dessert the menu looks spot-on in terms of the choices.  Oh well, there's always next time at Pican!
2295 Broadway at 23rd Street
Oakland, California 94612