Wishbone in Petaluma and Wine Tasting in Healdsburg

It's hard to top a day in the Wine Country, especially when your destination is the ever-charming and laid-back Healdsburg.  Add in the warmth of a summer day, your favorite friends and voila! - the perfect mix and the best setting you can imagine.

As a starting point, we dropped by Wishbone in Petaluma for breakfast. Of course this wasn't just any breakfast with options like the farmers board (pictured below) the Queso-zilla (sooo tempted to order) and the not-so-standard items like eggs benedict.  The farmers board entailed fresh ricotta, an egg, toast and a homemade piquant tapenade.  Trying to pace myself seemed silly so I abandoned any such thoughts and then cleaned the board.

The Farmers Board at Wishbone in Petaluma
We lazily made our way to Merry Edwards where the wine's namesake made history as the first female winemaker in California.  Next stop:  Kokomo in Healdsburg where we sampled a variety of reds and whites - all pretty amazing (I'm a fan) and then the olive oil at Dry Creek Olive Oil next door.

Our best and final stop of the day was Michel-Schlumberger tucked away off Wine Creek Road (how fitting!)  Originally an organic winery, this is and always has been one of my favorites with its beautiful setting, fine wine and friendly personnel (that's you Quinn!)  In addition to the wine and ambiance, they now serve food that's on par with the wine.  I have to give props to the chef and recommend a reservation in advance.  Once word gets out there will be no space at this table!

Amazing menu and food at Schlumberger! 

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes selected by the chef.  

Summery, savory pesto pasta salad.

The cheese and fruit platter(s) at Michel-Schlumberger.
I feel like one lucky person to experience a day in the "country" with amazing food, my favorite friends and a setting like no other at Michel-Schlumberger.   Cheers to the end of summer!

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