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Camembert and Compostelle

Make your own cheese plate for lunch, brunch or anywhere in between!

Cheese platter
Quick picks for my cheese plate: nuts, dates, olives and camembert.

All you need is a nice plate, even a cutting board, a few snack-y nibbles and the cheese of your choice. I like a little salty (olives), a touch of sweet (dates, fruit) and a bit of crunch (nuts, crackers). Go!

Costco: my go-to place for cheese

I'm a huge fan of perusing the cheese aisle at my local Costco because you just never know what's wedged between the everyday items. In this case, a Basque raw sheep milk from Le Secret De Compostelle located on the top shelf and easy to miss. This amazing cheese has a smooth paste and creamy—almost sweet—flavor. So great I went back for more!

Le Secret De Compostelle sheep milk cheese
An incredible Costco find: raw sheep milk cheese.

Home Cheese: Camembert

I've been dabbling in cheesemaking for almost a decade with decent results such as the camembert pictured below. Patience is a much needed virtue with this hobby, but for those willing to wait, great cheese can be the reward. Note: for those not willing to wait, refer to the section on Costco cheese :)

My own homemade Camembert: 90% ripe (you can see the white section in the center) but still 100% delicious!

It's cool to see store-bought milk turn into curds and then small rounds of cheese ready to sprout fuzzy exteriors. This batch made 8 small rounds which, in 8 weeks will be ready to eat. And yes, it's hard to hold out that long!

Camembert curds
Camembert curds draining a-whey :)

Homemade camembert in moulds
This cheese is starting to get in shape!

For those who want something easy and yet still awe inspiring, store bought olives are a good option.

Olives: dress to impress

And to add flair to store bought olives? Pull together olive oil, a few orange slices and any herbs you have on hand. Let the flavors meld then use the oil for dipping your bread. Always a crowd pleaser that seems complicated but it's not!

I like to add olives to my favorite oil along with oranges for zip.  Gorgeous and tasty too!
Olives and oranges in oil. Gorgeous and tasty too!

You don't need a party or excuse to indulge a little. You have my permission to get creative, find your favorites and enjoy!

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