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Saltbox in San Carlos

The transformation from hardware store to shiny new neighborhood restaurant didn't happen overnight. But once the wrapper came off the food quickly created a stir at Salt Box in San Carlos. And the food - plus overall ambiance - is stellar.

While the space itself isn't cavernous, it's got an open, airy vibe that buzzes once the place - and bar - fills up. Salt Box is one of those places that doesn't appear to take reservations so be prepared to wait with a glass of wine in hand. We arrived on a Friday around 6pm and just barely nabbed a seat.

The menu? A good sampling of California style fare; pork chops, salad, burgers and the like. For me it was a toss-up between the pork chop and burger and the burger won. In the end, I feel like I won because I had the perfect meal - an expertly cooked burger with melty cheese and fries on the side.

A word of caution: don't be tempted to skip dessert. We ordered the profiteroles which arrived with a small pot of salted caramel sauce for dipping which we were tempted to lick clean (but didn't of course.) If you are tempted, I wouldn't blame you and promise not to tell!

Johnston's Salt Box

1696 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070

(650) 592-7258

Originally published 5/13/14

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