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Crater Lake Blues & Greens

It feels odd writing about my summer road trip in the middle of December and especially on Christmas Day. But I can't resist taking a moment to think back on the vivid blues of the water and the cool of the breeze coming off the lake.

The original plan was a four day trip to Crater Lake over the July 4th weekend. Missing from the planning calculation was the 8-hour drive from the Bay Area. Oh, and confirmation of our hotel stay!

It's never a good sign when you check into your hotel and the desk person responds with an elongated "ohhhh...did you book through our website?"

Turns out we booked our room but failed to notice that both nights weren't actually confirmed. I highly recommend - if you book a room via the Crater Lake Lodge website - make sure the nights you request are actually available. Road trip rookie mistake!

We lucked out and found a room at the Historic Prospect Hotel about 40 minutes away. The hotel itself is clean and welcoming and guests receive breakfast in the morning.

We spent the following day driving around the rim and stopping at various points to snap photos. My favorite part? A mini-picnic of cheese, bread and fruit on a quiet ridge where we could take in the scene and relax. My biggest regret? Not planning an extra day to hike the many trails available.

As for the Crater Lake Lodge, nice ambiance and a restaurant with good food and service. Hint: when booking you might ask which side of the hotel your room will be on and also which floor (yes, I know this sound picky!) Ours was top floor with a sloped ceiling and very little air circulation. Not exactly a deal-breaker but something to consider if you're staying more than one night.

391 Mill Creek Road

Prospect OR 97536


565 Rim Drive

Crater Lake OR 97604


As I look back on the past year this trip and adventure definitely stands out. The clear blue of the lake and peace-of-mind lingered even after the bags were unpacked and we'd checked back into our everyday working world.

And with that's now on to the new year!

Originally published on 12/30/14

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